Gesund essen als Rheuma Optimist - Healthy eating is important as a rheumatism Optimist (Foto-Copyright: Fotolia / artmim)
Healthy Diet

Healthy eating – start now!

By on May 12, 2016

Healthy eating is fun. It is not only fascinating to precisely deal with what we eat, it can also help you actively in getting your rheumatism under control. If you are afflicted with pain in joints or in muscles or with general stiffness, then a change of diet can truly work wonders.

Gesund essen hilft dir als Rheuma Optimist, deine Krankheit langfristig in den Griff zu bekommmen - Healthy eating helps your body in the long run to fight the inflammation  (Foto-Copyright: Fotolia / sarsmis)

Gesund essen hilft dir als Rheuma Optimist, deine Krankheit langfristig in den Griff zu bekommmen – Healthy eating helps your body in the long run to fight the inflammation (Foto-Copyright: Fotolia / sarsmis)

You will not believe how important healthy eating actually is. Of course there is no overnight change for your rheumatic pain if you change your eating habits, but in the long run it can help you decrease the pain and perhaps might even help in reducing your dose of medication.

Healthy eating: Drink plenty of water

The nuts and bolts of a healthy diet is to drink plenty of water. Water is a veritable elixir of life, and your body, which consists to 90 percent of water, will thank you. Especially when you take medication you should drink plenty of water, two liters a day are a good guideline. If you find it difficult, you can also prepare tea. But it should be unsweetened. If absolutely necessary, you could add the familiar drop of honey, because it has anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Healthy eating every day

It is important that you regularly include healthy foods with anti-inflammatory properties in your diet – and I mean daily. Sufficient vitamins and minerals should be present while you should keep your distance from to much fat. Instead of meat, you should add fish onto the menu, such as salmon with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Also better avoid high-fat sausage and the rule for the bread selection would be: The more full-value the better. That means less white and more dark bread on the table.

Healthy eating: Better stay away from sweets

Just as important as implementing healthy foods is the elimination of unhealthy foods. And those are mainly sweets. Sugar and the fat that is used in cakes and pastries, are veritable poison for the body. At least for a body with rheumatism, for these substances, “feed” the inflammation. They are like the fuel that the body needs to fan the flames of the inflammation. So the less candy you feed your body, the less inflammation it can produce. Soft drinks and the most ready-made meals are full of these ingredients. So better choose water to drink and cook from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Healthy eating: Choose healthy alternatives

Fresh salad and vegetables like raw carrots, arugula or spinach leaves should always be close. Each dish can thus be beefed up. Even fruit is recommended, but in moderation, so that the body does not get too much sugar.

Also it is always good to have what I call my “little helpers” here. For me, these are mainly ginger and turmeric. Both roots can be quite easily used fresh in a variety of dishes and also serve in dried form as a spice. I even put a pinch of both in my coffee or my sandwich. So I’ll try to use my favorite anti-inflammatories as often as possible to get my daily feel-good-dose of approximately one teaspoon of each.


Above all, it is important to persevere. “No master ever fell from the sky”, that is for sure, but always remember that you are doing this for yourself. Look at it in a positive way.  You don´t really have to give up something, but you are helping your body to wind down the inflammation. – And it is you who will benefit from this.

In this sense: Good luck!



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