Ingwer und Kurkuma - Ginger and turmeric (Photo-Copyright: Fotolia / aboikis)
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Ginger and Turmeric – The first aid basic spices for rheumatic pain

By on June 14, 2016

With rheumatism, it is always good to have access to some reliable helpers in the spice rack, for example ginger and turmeric. Many foods, spices and superfoods have anti-inflammatory properties, which are, in my experience, super with keeping an inflammation under control. Especially when you start to add certain foods to your diet regularly, your health may improve on along-term basis.

I myself am convinced that the superfoods ginger and turmeric are real wonder-roots to combat rheumatic pain. Because both have excellent anti-inflammatory characteristics, I use them regularly and am clearly thrilled.

While turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory effects, ginger can also soothe the stomach. This is especially good if you have, maybe because of your rheumatic drugs, stomach problems every now and then. I myself had, over the years, problems with nausea or acid regurgitation, but regularly adding ginger to my diet has made a big difference.


Ingwer und Kurkuma - Ginger and turmeric (Photo-Copyright: Fotolia / aboikis)

Ingwer und Kurkuma – Ginger and turmeric (Photo-Copyright: Fotolia / aboikis)

The, both sharp and refreshingly sweet-tasting, peeled ginger root can be implemented into your diet in various ways. Cut into small pieces, it spices up all kinds of dishes and who likes to eat spicy, can even cut it into thin slices and place it onto a sandwich.

Another great thing to taste is ginger tea. Simply pour hot water over a piece of peeled root and let it sit for a few minutes. Even cold water can get a fresh touch by adding ginger. You can simply put a piece of ginger in your glass or bottle of water. Throughout the whole day those pieces of ginger will supplement your water with their healthy properties, even if you refill it.  A cup of fresh ginger tea also helps extremely good if you have stomach pain.


Kurkuma in Gewürzform und als ganze Wurzel - Turmeric powder and roots (Photo-Copyright: Fotolia / Luis Echeverri Urrea)

Kurkuma in Gewürzform und als ganze Wurzel – Turmeric powder and roots (Photo-Copyright: Fotolia / Luis Echeverri Urrea)

Also turmeric is a star if it comes to anti-inflammatory properties. The peeled root colors every dish (and also your fingers ;-)) a bright orange and gives it its very special earthy note. Like ginger, turmeric goes very well with curry and rice dishes. I myself like to colour rice, potatoes or noodles a pretty yellow-orange, by adding a little turmeric into the cooking water. Those dishes then also absorb some of the valuable properties, so it is a double-win.

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Both foods can also be great to use in the dried form, as a spice. I even add a pinch of each to my morning coffee, along with a sip of coconut milk (yummy !!!) and even carry around both spices in my purse. So I can spice up my snacks with a little extra anti-inflammatory agents. Give it a try. It is simple and relatively inexpensive. 😉



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Hi, ich bin Lisa! Weil ich davon überzeugt bin, dass sich auch mit Rheuma ein ganz wunderbares Leben leben lässt, möchte ich meine eigenen Erfahrungen mit dir teilen. Viel Spaß beim Entdecken der schönen Seiten des Lebens! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hi I am Lisa and I am an optimist, despite rheumatism. I am convinced that we can live a wonderful life - even with rheumatism! Therefore I am sharing my own experiences with you. Enjoy the bright side of life!