Experiences Think positive

A smile can work wonders in the waiting room

By on July 2, 2016

Waiting for the doctor`s appointment – A kingdom for pessimists?
Do you know that? You have a doctor’s appointment and you already know in advance that you can expect a…

Healthy Diet

Ginger and Turmeric – The first aid basic spices for rheumatic pain

By on June 14, 2016

With rheumatism, it is always good to have access to some reliable helpers in the spice rack, for example ginger and turmeric. Many foods, spices and superfoods have anti-inflammatory…

Healthy Diet

Healthy eating – start now!

By on May 12, 2016

Healthy eating is fun. It is not only fascinating to precisely deal with what we eat, it can also help you actively in getting your rheumatism under control. If…

Beauty Think positive

You are attractive, even with rheumatism

By on April 18, 2016

Girls (and guys, you too!), Let’s face it. Has your self-image, especially concerning being attractive, changed since the diagnosis of rheumatism has put your world upside down?
With the diagnosis…

Healthy Diet

Why you should care about a healthy diet

By on April 17, 2016

Starving out the inflammation!
Perhaps you have already heard something about the importance of a healthy diet for people who have rheumatism. This is of course not a traditional diet,…

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