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Healthy Diet Recipes

Tea for rheumatism: Just my cup of tea!

By on October 5, 2018

My daily tea-pot of well-being
Especially with a disease such as rheumatism, it is important that you actively support your body and keep it fit – every day. A great…

Healthy Diet Recipes

Our tea time! Dandelion!

By on June 11, 2018

Today we are looking at an extremely effective herb and at a particularly soothing tea that you can prepare freshly at home: Dandelion!
Whenever I think of dandelions, the intro-melody…

Healthy Diet Recipes

Sage – Effective help from the herb garden

By on February 19, 2018

A valuable helper is sage with its official name Salvia Officinalis. It works antiseptically and is good against inflammation, so it can provide relief especially in inflammatory diseases such…

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It´s Tea Time!

By on January 30, 2017

Many of us already cherish our daily cup of tea and since this is such a traditional thing in so many countries all over the world, we often stick…

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